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I have always been a lover of the details and found any excuse to host a party so I definitely landed my dream job. I believe genuine connection is everything and that our most important moments should be intentionally celebrated. I love being a hype-girl to my clients throughout the entire planning process and truly leave every wedding with life-long friends."

"Hi! I am so excited you are here and likely planning your forever to your soulmate!

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my 2021 highlight was getting engaged to the love of my life, matt. he puts up with my bravo habit, asks me to dance in the kitchen, is a way better cook and truly is just my best friend. we live in denver with our two cats, who we are completely obsessed with. 

"in my free time I love a good happy hour, mocktails, cooking at home and couch hangs. traveling, staycations and self-care are huge priorities to me. I have an entire list of dream airbnbs waiting to be explored. I love tattoos (I have 18 & counting), live music, spend every 4th of july at our lake in wisconsin and will always ask you what your taco bell order is."

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(planning my own wedding here right now!)

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I love being able to use my creative and artistic eye for the final details. these special memories are meant to be stress-free and ultimately one of your best memories to look back on, this is why I love being part of the team.

HELLO!! I am so excited to assist Keely AF Events with your special memories. 

of keely af events.

assistant stylist + hype girl 


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I am passionate about planning and creating intentional memories for my family and friends. by harnessing my passion, experience, resilience, and natural abilities to connect with others, I understand clients’ visions and bring meaningful events to life with ease. I am caring and resilient and always strive to do good by others both in my professional and personal life.

I enjoy traveling, immersing myself in new cultures and cuisines. I love connecting with people over music, food, fashion, and exercise (whether hiking, climbing, or doing yoga sculpt). Regardless of the activity, I am always determined to create experiences and memories that last a lifetime.


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we can't wait to be best friends.